Fermented Feed Series Mould Inhibitor

Fermented Feed Series Mould Inhibitor

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Through nearly five years of experiments and research, BORNSUN Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. developed specialised feed mould inhibitor for fermented wet ingredients, fully considering the characteristics of high moisture fermentation of wet materials and the prominent "secondary fermentation" problem.

Active Ingredient

Active Ingredient 20%

Functional Features

1. Rapidly inhibit and kill moulds in fermented wet materials.

2. Increase the synergistic composition of mould inhibitor for fermented wet materials.

3. Can be mixed evenly in high moisture wet feed.

4. Do not affect the activity of probiotics and the palatability and flavour of feed.

Packing: 25kg/bag

Storage & Shelf life: 12 months, store in a cool and dry place.

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