BORNSUN Attends MVC Russia Exhibition

On June 21-23,2023,the MVC Russia Grain Mixed Feed and Veterinary Medicine Exhibition was held as scheduled at the VDNH Exhibition Center in Moscow.On this grand occasion,Shanghai Bangcheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. made an appearance and won the favor of many on-site customers.

At this exhibition,Shanghai Bangcheng received nearly 60 feed enterprise customers and distributors from neighboring countries such as Russia,Belarus,Kazakhstan,Azerbaijan,and Uzbekistan.Our company's antibacterial peptides γ- Products such as aminobutyric acid and Bonsein 200S have attracted widespread attention from many enterprises and customers.Moreover,with efficient and high-quality products,we have won high recognition from on-site customers.

This exhibition has enabled more foreign corporate customers to understand and recognize Bangcheng's corporate culture and products. In the future,Shanghai Bangcheng will continue to actively expand its global business,provide customers with high-quality solutions,and sincerely cooperate with partners for common development!

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