Strengthening the Industry, Responding to the Situation, Opening a New Condition | BORNSUN Attends 2024 China Feed Industry Exhibition

During April 18th-20th, 2024 China Feed Industry Exhibition was successfully held in Xiamen International Exhibition Center, Fujian. With the theme of “Strengthening Industry, Responding to Situation and Opening New Condition”, this exhibition builds a platform for animal husbandry and feed industry to display and exchange new concepts, new technologies, new forms and new modes, to promote the industry to move forward to a higher quality and higher level, and to promote the construction of a strong agricultural country with a high level of industry development.

As a leader in the field of feed additives, BORNSUN attended this exhibition with two key products this year. Bornsun ANTI-CL Bacillus is favored by many feed producers and farmers for its strong antimicrobial ability and stability. Bornsun LISUN-TIDE V, as a Vibrio nemesis - special antimicrobial peptide for aquaculture, showed extraordinary effect in the field of aquaculture, providing a powerful weapon to solve the problem of aquaculture diseases. The booth was crowded with people, and many people in the industry were consulting.

In addition, BORNSUN also took this opportunity to have an in-depth communication with industry peers to discuss the development trend and future opportunities of the feed industry. Through this exhibition, BORNSUN not only further consolidated its leading position in the field of feed additives, but also expanded more cooperation channels and market space.

In the future, BORNSUN will continue to adhere to the core values of “customer-centered, striver-oriented and performance-oriented”, increase the investment in scientific research and launch more innovative products, and contribute to the sustainable development and progress of the animal husbandry and feed industry.

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