Nepal customer visit BORNSUN for communication

After a brief communication with Nepalese customers at Nanchang China International Animal Husbandry Exhibition, Nepalese customers were invited to visit BORNSUN on 23th May, which aimed to further understand and investigate the company's strengths and have an in-depth communication, was received warmly by the chief scientist of BORNSUN, Dr. Ma, the director of R&D centre, Mr. Gao, the instructor of marketing centre, Mr. Xu , and the manager of oversea business department, Rasine.

Accompanied by the staff, Nepalese customers paid a site visit to the R&D centre, quality control centre, production workshop and finished product warehouse to understand the whole operation of BORNSUN from R&D, quality control, production to shipment. Director Gao explained the R&D and production process of different products of BORNSUN to the customer, and the two sides had a detailed discussion on the products such as mould inhibitor and toxin binder.

During the exchange, the customer showed great interest in how to ensure intestinal health and promote the growth of poultry. The two sides had a lively discussion on poultry nutrition and formulation according to the different geographical locations, climatic conditions and raw material characteristics of China and Nepal, and Dr Ma and Director Gao also shared the company's research results and experience to provide valuable advice to the customer on these issues.

Through this visit, the customer appreciated the product quality and professional technical strength of BORNSUN and expressed their strong intention of cooperation. Both sides also shared the current situation and development trend of feed industry in Nepal and China. Through comparison and analysis, both sides agreed that under the background of globalisation, strengthening international cooperation and jointly promoting the development of animal husbandry industry is an inevitable trend in the future.

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