Welcome Frontan Corp to visit BORNSUN to exchange

On the afternoon of July 18th,a team of eight from Shanghai Fulant Animal Health Co., Ltd. visited Bangcheng Company for a visit and exchange under the leadership of Dr.Wang Feng,Technical Director. Our company's R&D center director,Gao Gao,and the deputy director of the factory operation center,Huan Mayi, warmly received us.

After getting to know each other in the conference room,the key account manager Xu Xiying first introduced the current product architecture and characteristics of Bangcheng Company to everyone. Subsequently,accompanied by Mr.Gao and others,they visited the R&D center,quality control department,and production workshop to gain a detailed understanding of production processes and on-site management.

After the visit,the guests from Fulant expressed that after this in-depth understanding,they have gained a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of Bangcheng.During the discussion,both parties had a detailed exchange on product development and production,quality management,marketing planning,and industry development trends,and also conducted in-depth discussions on the next steps of cooperation and mutual assistance.

Shanghai Fulant Animal Health Co., Ltd., as an important partner of our company,has maintained long-term friendly communication and cooperation for many years.Both sides look forward to further strengthening exchanges in the future,conducting in-depth cooperation in more fields,achieving mutual benefit,win-win situation,and common development!

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