BORNSUN Participates in the Philippine Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Industry Festival

From July 5th to 7th,2023,Manager Zuo Shiyang of our overseas business unit went to the Philippine market to participate in the local agriculture and animal husbandry industry event (Philippine Livestock).On the opening day,Philippine President Marcos Jr. personally went to the scene to support the development of the Philippine agriculture and animal husbandry industry.

In this exhibition,our company's agent and left manager jointly attended and received nearly 40 local feed enterprise customers.Our company's anti mold and antioxidant products have attracted widespread attention at the exhibition site and received unanimous praise from the market.During the exhibition,Manager Zuo,on behalf of Bangcheng Company,visited local Chinese enterprises such as New Hope Liuhe and Philippine Hefeng to discuss cooperation matters.

This exhibition has enabled more Filipino corporate customers to understand and recognize Bangcheng's corporate culture and products.In the future,Shanghai Bangcheng will continue to actively expand its global business,provide customers with high-quality solutions,and sincerely cooperate with partners for common development!

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