Korean customer visited BORNSUN again after 10 years

Recently, Mr. James, a Korean customer, visited BORNSUN again and reviewed the ten-year cooperation history with BORNSUN team.

Ten years ago, Mr. James visited BORNSUN for the first time on behalf of the company. Since then, the friendly relationship and cooperation between the two companies have become more and more solid. Ten years later, he came to BORNSUN again, and was warmly received by Dr. Lu Kewen, the general manager of company, Gao Chao, the deputy director of R&D Centre, Liu Limao, the technical service manager, Young Zuo, the general manager of Overseas Business Department.

Both sides had a friendly negotiation, and exchanged detailed information about the company's strength, development plan and product sales. Afterwards, accompanied by Director Gao and Manager Zuo, Mr. James learned the specific situation of production line, process flow and quality management of BORNSUN on the spot, and said that the industrial base of BORNSUN had left a deep impression on him.

After visiting, Mr. James showed great interest in probiotic, antimicrobial peptide and γ-Aminobutyric acid of BORNSUN. He deeply learned the R&D background, functional characteristics and market application of these three products. He said that these three products have high scientific and technological content, unique market advantages and broad prospects. In the follow-up communication, Mr. James and BORNSUN team had an in-depth discussion on the future cooperation.

The visit of Mr. James not only deepened the mutual friendship, but injected new vitality into the cooperation between the two sides. We believe that under the joint efforts of both parties, the tree of friendship will be evergreen and the road of cooperation will be wider and wider.

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